What is BYOT (Bring Your Own Theater)?

At the end of every month five writers, five directors, and a group of actors gather to create and perform five brand new plays–all in 24 hours.

BYOT is a platform for anyone and everyone to come and create live theatre with a supportive and collaborative group of talent, regardless of experience level.  Our company found its roots in the living rooms of its members and has expanded to a variety of different performance spaces.  

BYOT is an ever expanding melting pot of creative minds with vision and drive.  From shooting several digital shorts to producing full-length productions, there is little to nothing that BYOT will not attempt in thanks to our dedicated community.

BYOT is your largest Chicago family – we invite you to come play with us!

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BYOT is Now accepting submissions for our 2020 full-length play!
   Are you a playwright who has dreamed of seeing their play fully-realized with actors, props, sets, and costumes? Have you ever felt that having a group of people that you can use as a built-in sounding board would help your writing process? Do you just adore BYOT and want to be a part of all this awesomeness?

   Well, here’s your chance! BYOT is accepting submissions on a rolling basis until January 1st, 2019 for our 2020 Full-Length Production.

    What we are looking for: A 10-page sample that gives us the best idea of what your play will be. We are looking for unfinished work that we can help foster over the year of 2019. Through regular check-ins and sit downs with the author, we will assist in the development of the play until it is ready for production in 2020. This can be a comedy, a drama, a musical, whatever your heart desires. We just have a few simple guidelines:
  • The script should require no more than 7 unique actors (doubling of parts is acceptable)
  • Modest production needs (we can give you flashing lights, but those firework pyrotechnics? Probably not.)
  • An author who is committed to follow deadlines and who is excited about the prospect of having a built-in group of people to help with the creative process
What you get: BYOT will produce your play on a real stage with full tech, costumes, and set at no cost to you! You also receive our support and feedback throughout the writing process through sit down meetings, occasional check-ins and organized readings of the script-in-progress with feedback from the audience.
Please send any submissions or questions to BYOTproductions@gmail.com, subject line 2020 Full Length.
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